MKCentral Ruleset: As of Founding Date

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MKCentral Ruleset: As of Founding Date

Post by Nato on Thu Nov 12, 2015 9:54 pm

1. Attitude: The purpose of this website is to let others feel like they're welcome here, as well as just allow others to enjoy themselves at the same time, competitive or not.

2. Flaming / Insulting Members: While we're all here to be competitive with our respective games, flaming people or insulting them in a matter that is deemed inappropriate, will not be tolerated here. The post will be deleted and the member will be infracted if it gets to a certain point. Why people feel the need to insult others is beyond me, but here on the site, nobody is going to be allowed to freely flame and insult other people, especially in results threads for leagues.

3. NSFW / Inappropriate content: NONE of this content will be allowed on the site, and posts will automatically be deleted and bans are definitely allowed in this case. If you really feel the need to post it, please place it in a spoiler with the spoiler noting that it is "NSFW", because some people will use this site at other places and having these pictures being shown will reflect poorly on the person and the website.

4. Harassment on the site: Public Shaming, posting personal information, and things such as that will not be allowed, and they will result in a ban. Things off-site are going to be dealt with on a case-by-case matter, because we simply cannot make a decision based on 1 person's side of the story, both stories are equally as important.

5. Age Limit: You are required to be 13 years of age at minimum, otherwise your account will be banned from the site until you are of appropriate age.

This is all for now, so please enjoy your time on the site and let's all get along and show that we're all mature human beings.

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